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Brett Favre Signed Game-Used Green By Packers Jersey Unwashed – Autographed NFL Jerseys

This game used Green Bay Packer home Reebok jersey was game worn and hand signed by 3-time NFL MVP Brett Favre. This jersey was signed in black sharpie with the inscription “Game Used 12/30/07 Pack 34 Lions 13” Authenticity and Photo Match The jersey was acquired directy from Brett by and was signed in our presence. This jersey is 100% authentic game used by Brett. The jersey comes with a letter of authenticity signed by Brett. It also comes with a printed out piece of paper from the Packers equipment manager, Red Batty, which states “2007 Green Game Jersey 12/30/07 Detroit Lions 1st Half” The jersey is also accompanied by a third party letter of opinion from Guy Hankel who has photo matched and video matched the jersey to this specific game. The jersey will come with a 4×6 photo of Brett wearing this jersey. The jersey also comes with a DVD of the actual game. The jersey will also include a 4×6 photo of Brett holding the jersey after he signed it. This jersey has not been washed.